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Gabriella Nelson, daughter of an Edgefield native now in cancer research at Johns Hopkins, has taken up the Cause of Cancer in an industrious way, organizing a fundraiser at her school that produced $1,600.

A call from Dwella Moton Nelson to her hometown paper opened the door for this newspaper’s Breast Cancer story, usually published in October, Breast Cancer Month, but now in November.

Dwella Nelson is now Dr. Dwella Moton Nelson, having graduated in 1992 from Strom Thurmond High School and continued her studies, eventually attending Johns Hopkins. She received her undergraduate and doctorate from Clemson and the doctorate is in Chemistry. She was awarded two fellowships to Johns Hopkins, in Pharmacology (first) and Cancer Therapeutics; in 1212 she became an Assist. Professor at Johns Hopkins University in Chemistry and Pharmacology. She is involved in cancer research.

Dr. Nelson, who herself is dedicated to the Breast Cancer Cause in her work, has a daughter, Gabriella, who has taken up the Cause, also, a fourth grader age nine. No doubt she was inspired by her mother, but also, her Grand Ma Nelson was in treatment for breast cancer and is now a cancer survivor. 

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